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Leaving the Mountain House Restaurant

By Joyce & Don Baker © 1983

Issue: September, 1983

The Mountain House has been much more than a business to our family. It has offered us the opportunity to meet old friends and to make new ones almost daily. We regret that due to health considerations, we must now step down. This has not been an easy decision to make and we will miss our many friends and patrons so much, but we are happy to announce the new owners are Rick and Linda Hill of Vesta, Virginia. They are a fine young couple and we’re sure you’ll like them very much. Rick and Linda are both friendly and hard working and will carry on the same traditions of good food and friendly atmosphere that the Mountain House is noted for. They will assume ownership as of August 1, 1983. All of our employees will still be here and we will be helping out until Rick and Linda become familiar with the daily routines.

Our sincere wish of success goes to Rick and Linda and our deepest gratitude goes to our employees and patrons who have made our memories of the Mountain House such endearing treasures.

Our thanks and best wishes to everyone.


Joyce & Don Baker