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Blue Ridge Institute's Recording Studios

Issue: December, 1983

blue ridge instituteBRI Records: Virginia TraditionsSomething you might want to consider for Christmas presents this year are records from the Blue Ridge Institute's Recording Studios. They have a series of record albums on Virginia's diverse musical traditions, featuring both historic and modern recordings of vocal and instrumental performances. Each LP has been thoroughly researched and includes a booklet of analytic and descriptive notes on the music and the performers. Currently available are:

BRI 001 - NON-BLUES SECULAR BLACK MUSIC: 20 selections emphasizing black fiddle, banjo, guitar, accordion and harmonica traditions.

BRI 002 - BALLADS FROM BRITISH TRADITION: Illustrating a variety of ballad presentations, from unaccompanied singing to string band arrangements.

BRI 003 - WESTERN PIEDMONT BLUES: With 17 examples of fine performances from black culture.

BRI 004 - NATIVE VIRGINIA BALLADS AND SONGS: Featuring regional compositions about local events, places and characters.

BRI 005 BLUE RIDGE PIANO STYLES- Presenting a selection of rags, marches, and string band tunes illustrating the importance of the piano in traditional country music.

BRI 006 - TIDEWATER BLUES: 16 selections of black blues from the costal region of Virginia.

BRI 007 - VIRGINIA WORK SONGS: Featuring music sung to accompany work by fishermen, oyster shuckers, crab pickers, tobacco workers and farm laborers.

Each album is $7.98. Postage is $1.00 for a single record and free for an order of two or more. Order from:

Blue Ridge Institute
Ferrum College
Ferrum, Virginia 24988

Phone: (703) 365-2121 Ext. 107.