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Blue Ridge Institute and Blue Ridge Farm Museum

Elderhostel Session at Ferrum College

Issue: February, 1984

An Elderhostel session for the older adults will be held at Ferrum College May 20-26, 1984 and will feature seminars on Blue Ridge folk life and animal life, and on slavery during the Civil War period.

This is the fifth year that Ferrum has offered the Elderhostel program for those 60 years of age and over. Elderhostel is a network of over 400 colleges, universities, and other educational institutions in 50 states and a number of foreign countries which offer a special low cost, short term residential academic programs for older adults.

At Ferrum the Folklife seminar will be conducted by the staff of the Blue Ridge Institute and the Blue Ridge Farm Museum will provide a setting for hands-on experience of mountain folkways. The seminar on slavery will explore the distinctive features of the Upland South during the Civil War era. Classroom and field work will be blended in the animal course with emphasis on native wildlife, especially birds. In addition to the seminars, Elderhostelers participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.

The cost for the one week program is $180. To register, write Elderhostel, Inc, 100 Boylston St., Boston, Ma. 02116.

Ferrum College invites you to the first Winter Arts Festival on February 7-11, 1984. There will be pottery, weaving and printmaking demonstrations on the 7th at Franklin Hall plus other activities are an art exhibit, ice sculpting, a jazz clinic and Big Band concert by Jazz Drummer, Buddy Rich.

Activities on other days include everything from Shakespeare to an authentic gourmet Greek buffet dinner.