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Notes - September, 1984

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1094-2012

Floyd County Arts & Crafts Festival

On Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14th, 1984 the Floyd County Woman's Club, Inc. will be sponsoring The Floyd County Arts and Crafts Festival at the Floyd County High School. This is an event which has grown and is looked forward to each year. It offers something for everyone to enjoy.

There will be categories in fine arts and photography judged by professionals with additional awards given by the Blue Ridge Bank, a Best in Show Award and an award determined by the viewing public's ballots. Everyone from near and far is eligible for entry. For more entry information, call 703-745-4304, Dixie Nichols or 703-651-8264, June Trombold.

Other categories on display for judging will be crafts and fresh and canned fruits and vegetables. If you wish to set up a booth to sell crafts, the charge will be $3.00. Call 703-745-2149, Mrs. Dale Harter or 703-745-2153, Mrs. A.M. Phelegar for more information.

There will be a "Little Miss" contest on Saturday night and live music performed by groups such as the Upland Express, The Hylton Family and many, many others sprinkled over the two day period

There will also be good food available, so be sure to take some time off on the second weekend of October and head for the Floyd County High School. There will be much offered to see and buy, maybe even get a head start on Christmas presents! For anyone wishing to enter items or reserve booth space, call the numbers listed above.

Cabbage: Mountain Bargain

Local farmers work hard, long hours to produce an acre of cabbage. Their investment of time, equipment and supplies is constantly threatened by nature. From planting time to late fall harvest, they put their lives on the line in hope of a good crop and a reasonable price. This year [1984], the crop is excellent, but the price is terribly depressed.

The price of a 50 pound bag is as low as $3.00 retail at local produce markets

If you like cabbage, now would be a good time to head to the mountains. Many farmers are pinning their hopes on a larger volume of sales to help them break even. Your business would be appreciated and your taste buds rewarded with the flavor of tender, sweet mountain cabbage. Come on up and load your trunk.

(Editor's Note... These prices were prevalent as we went to press on August 16th, 1984.)

Join The "Brick Of The Month" Club

Since the beginning of the Adopt a Brick program sponsored by PATCH (People And The Court House) over $1,000. has been made towards the effort to save the 1908 Grayson Courthouse in Independence, Virginia.

To become a member of the Brick of the Month Club, an individual, or group, must agree to adopt a brick each month for one year. Adoption fees vary: $10.00 for adults; $5.00 for senior citizens; $2.00 high school students; $1.00 children.

Initial membership will include a certificate of adoption and each month as the donation is received a "brick" will be placed on the large drawing of the courthouse that hangs in the hallway of the 1908 courthouse. The name of the adoptee will be placed on an "Honor Roll" of club members.

In addition to club membership, bricks can be adopted individually or by groups. These make an unusual and thoughtful gift and are very unique. Each adoptee receives a certificate suitable for hanging. All donations are for the efforts of PATCH to save the 1908 Grayson County Courthouse. Send orders to Laura Bryant, Rt. 1, Box 293, Elk Creek, Va. 24326 or visit the courthouse on Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 2pm.

Ghost Stories Wanted

Everyone enjoys a good ghost or "haint" story, as they're called in these parts. We love to be thrilled by the feeling of chills up our spines when we hear a tale supposedly true, but never explained away. They are usually stretched a bit to begin with, and get added to a bit more with each telling.

We thought it appropriate that since Halloween is in the month of October, we would invite you readers to send us your scariest and eeriest "haint" tales to print next month. We will look forward to reading them.

In the days before television or even radio, story telling was the main form of entertainment. Good story tellers were in great demand and each person's imagination filled in their own details. Whether it be a tale of ghosts, unseen haints or whatever, send these stories to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.