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Wanted - 5 Good Neighbors

By Bob Heafner © 1984

Issue: September, 1984

The Mountain Laurel is looking for five (5) neighbors. Folks who appreciate nature's wonders enough to want to preserve them.

The old two story farm house which serves as our home and office is situated on 58 acres of land. We rent the place at present, but wish to buy the house and 5 acres. Trouble is the owner wants to sell the entire property. We want to remodel the garage into an office, but can't afford to make the necessary improvements and buy the whole tract. So, like I said, we're looking for five neighbors. Our idea is to sell 5 tracts containing 5 acres each and keep 5 acres for The Mountain Laurel, then dedicate the balance of 28 acres into a nature preserve which would be owned jointly by the owners of the five tracts.

There will be no hunting, no cutting of trees, no herbicides or pesticides and no removal of wildflowers, shrubs or trees allowed on the reserved area. On each 5 acre tract, the removal of trees will be restricted to those necessary for safety, garden and construction of no more than one (1) home and one (1) guest home per tract.

This property was timbered by the owner several years ago, but many beautiful trees are remaining and thousands of rhododendron, flame azaleas, mountain laurels, dogwoods and wildflowers cover the property.

A trout stream with native trout runs through the property and there are many springs. Old apple trees are scattered across the tract and it is only a short walk down the road to the old Langhorne Mill site and the stocked trout waters of the Dan River. The beautiful mountain farm of Beamer and Lena Conner borders the property and no one could ask for better neighbors. It's a quiet place where the rippling of a mountain stream blends with the singing of birds and occasionally a deer or wild turkey can be spotted.

It is the mountains the way they belong to be and we'd like to keep it this way forever. A place where each tract owner will not only have 5 acres privately owned, but will have the enjoyment of an additional 28 acres. Each prospective buyer will be shown the entire tract and the choice of where they want their 5 acres will be entirely theirs. The price per 5 acre tract including (1/5) one-fifth ownership of the remaining 28 acre preserve is only $10,000. If you're looking for a place where peace and tranquility will last forever, call the Mountain Laurel at 703-593 -3613 or have your broker contact us. All broker inquiries welcomed.