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Take A Kid Fishin' and He'll Wind Up With A Citation

By Virginia Commission Of Game and Inland Fisheries

Issue: May, 1985

take a kid fishin and he ll wind up with a citationFive year old "Binkie" Berryman.
Photo by Roy Edwards.
Five year old "Binkie" Berryman was out with his uncle, Mike Wheat, and four year old cousin Yolanda Robinson, on a four acre private pond in Louisa last week. Wheat tells us "Binkie's" technique is to bang the end of the pole in the water. Whether it's to attract fish or fight off boredom is another question, the answer is seen in the photograph, an 8 pound, 9 ounce citation largemouth! It was only the second time "Binkie" had ever been out fishing and prior to the catch he'd caught a sunfish and a bluegill. There was no high dollar rig involved either, the largemouth hit a number 2 gold true turn hook baited with a nightcrawler.

"Binkie" is a resident of Henrico County and is scheduled to start school in September.