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Weather! It's In The Signs!

Submitted By Lucille Jarrell

Taken from "Gathering Memories", a collection compiled by students at Samuel H. Hairston School, Ridgeway, Virginia.

If your toe hurts, it's going to rain.

If the sun sets behind a cloud on Sunday, it will rain by Monday.

Whirlwinds mean dry weather.

Drop a horse hair into a rain barrel and it will rain in a couple of days if the hair swims.

When the first katydid hollers, there's just six weeks left until the first killing frost.

When leaves turn upside down, rain is coming.

If cows lie down together, a storm is coming.

If a cat sits with its back to the fire, cold weather can be expected.

If the first winter snow stays on the ground for three days, there will be another snow soon.

A hard winter will come if the sweet potatoes have a hard peeling.

Be prepared for a hard winter if the animals have a heavy coat of fur.

If the sky shows red in the morning, sailors should take warning of a storm coming.