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from the
Heart of the Blue Ridge


By Sue Collins © 1986

Issue: October, 1986

Sue Collins' Dolls.Sue Collins' Dolls."Neilie, you really should take better care of yourself. You know you're not getting any younger."

"The way you scold me, you would think that I never got older. It has been 65 years since Mama passed. I'm raised now, your job is finished."

"Do you remember how hard that first winter was. All of you, younger children, had croup and Papa depended on me to do the doctoring. He worked so hard and he must have been grieving when he had time to put his mind to it."

"Carrie, did you find my scarf, after I left the last time? It was my favorite. How come it is so much easier to lose something you like? Oh well, I hear the church is having a rummage sale, maybe I can find another one that suits my fancy."

"Be sure you wash it before you wear it."

"There she goes again."

"You can't imagine who I met the other evening. I had just sat down at the Bingo table, when a gentleman across from me called my name. How he knew me, I don't know, but when he said he was Ocie Pride, I couldn't believe it. But once I looked him in the eye I knew him. We didn't play much Bingo that night for talking old times and he said he would drop by and visit one day."

"I remember him. I wonder if I showed up again, the way I use to when you both had the parlor, he would give me a nickel to disappear?"

"I'll give you a dime not to show up at all."

"Ha, I'll take it."

"He said his twin brothers are both gone now. Jesse was lost in the War and Josh worked in a factory in Detroit and never came home to live again."

"That was the sweetest singing man, God ever made."

"Our baby sister had a case on him but she couldn't have done better than the one she picked. Her Polly certainly is her image. I must call her tomorrow."

"Well, must be getting along, the sun will be setting soon and my walk is not a short one."

"Neilie, I don't like to ask but do you ever have carfare?"

"Sometimes, but I might need it for something important."

"I was just teasing about the dime, you are welcome to make our visit a threesome."

"I know, maybe."

"We lost so much time. It's a good thing when our lives parted company, we didn't. You know I would have missed knowing you, Sister."