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Christmas Decorations You Can Make

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1986

Issue: December, 1986

There is nothing like making things for Christmas to encourage Christmas Spirit. It makes you feel good to give something you made yourself, and the person receiving it will treasure it for the special time and effort you took.

Not many of us have enough time to make all our presents but there are several small things that could be made taking little time. You can use these instead of a bow as a Christmas present decoration. Then the person receiving it can take it off and use it for a Christmas tree decoration. You could even use it for a lapel pen.



One simple thing to make is poinsettias! You can follow the design below and cut them out of felt or papers such as crepe wrapping paper or foil. Take three of the cut outs for one flower. Hold them in the middle and fold the centers together. This will cup both ends or "petals." Tie a piece of yarn around the middle tightly and the flower will bunch in the middle and spread out in a circle at the petal tips. The directions are for a 3" diameter flower, but they could be enlarged or reduced to suit your pleasure. You could decorate the center of the flower or petal tips with glitter also.

 How to make Poinsettia Christmas Decorations

Felt Birds

Another simple design is Felt Birds. The birds can be made of many different colors. I recommend red and white. They look pretty on the Christmas tree. The birds may be glued together or stitched by hand or machine, whichever you are handiest at. The eye could be sequin or embroidered or painted on. To make a bird, cut two body pieces and two wing pieces. Glue or sew body together leaving on opening on the bottom to stuff it. Stuff with cotton or other filling. Stitch or glue body opening. Stitch or glue wings in place following guideline for attaching. You can use a wire, fishing line or ribbon attached to the birds to hang them on a tree. One option with the birds is to stuff good smelling spices inside them. After Christmas they could be hung in a closet or placed in a dresser drawer as a freshener.

 How to make Felt Bird Christmas Decorations


Crack English Walnuts carefully so that the shells come part in 2 smooth halves. (You can enjoy eating the kernels as you go.) Get a big pine cone that is well dried out, with petals that are spread open. Clip several of these petals off with a pair of heavy shears.
Arrange these petals underneath the walnut shell half where a turtle's legs and head would be and glue securely. You can glue a piece of green felt or paper over the open side of the walnut.
Paint the "shell" gray green and make marks on it like a tortoise. Paint eyes on the "head." You could give a child a whole family of turtles to play with or use them for tree ornaments also. Just attach a string or wire when you glue the underside on.

How to make Turtle Christmas Decorations 

Rocking Horse

Cut out one rocking horse pattern of cardboard and cut two of white felt. Glue felt on both sides of cardboard. If you are going to use these for tree ornaments, glue string or wire under one side of felt at back of horse. Try one first and hold it up to see if it hangs in balance. You might want to glue the hanger further forward or backward to get it to hang right.
Glue a fringe you bought or made yourself to the neck for a mane and also for tail. Glue a sequin or tiny button on for an eye. Use a piece of brown yarn or embroidery thread to tie a bridle around the horse's nose. Bring the ends of the yarn back of the horses head for reins. If you would like, you can make a little felt saddle or paint or sew other decorations on the rocking horse. Just use your imagination. You could cut a circle from cardboard and glue felt to it and attach several horses under it and hang it from the ceiling for a carousel mobile.

How to make Rocking Horse Christmas Decorations