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Homemade Jewelry

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1993-2012

Issue: September, 1983

Girls in our grandmother’s day liked to wear jewelry as much as anyone but because they weren’t close to a store to buy it or just couldn’t afford it, they sometimes made their own. I have an idea they often preferred it to “store bought.” You’ll see why in the directions below for rose beads.

Rose Bead Necklace

Gather fresh roses in full bloom and pull off the petals. Crush or chop the petals until they form a mush. Then roll and shape them into round beads the size you want. Stick them on a large hat pin to dry. When dry string them as you would any other beads for a necklace that is lightweight and attractive. More than that, even dried, the rose petals still give off a beautiful, faint rose aroma.

What other old fashioned jewelry was made? If you know of others, write and tell us what it was and how it was made.