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Biscuit Quilt

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1984-2012

Issue: December, 1984

Have you ever heard of a "biscuit" quilt? Although they are pieced together like regular quilt squares, they're stuffed as you go. This quilt turns out beautiful and is so simple, even a beginner should turn out a masterpiece.

I don't really know how much material it takes to make it, as I have always relied on "scraps". It doesn't matter what color the 3" squares are because they don't show in the finished quilt.

You start with two squares of material - one 3" square and one 5" square. Place the smaller square on the bottom and the larger one on top. Then, align the corners of both bottom and top squares together,. Make a pleat in the center of the top piece so that it fits the bottom one. See Example below.

Biscuit Quilt PatternBiscuit Quilt Instructions. Illustration by Susan M. Thigpen.

Stitch across the side and do the next two sides the same way. You can do this on a sewing machine or by hand. Now there's one side left open. The pleats on the larger top piece will make it puff up. Place a wad of stuffing in this fourth side, push it to the center of the square, fold the pleat as in the other three sides, and stitch together. You have just completed one "biscuit”. Don't overstuff each "biscuit" as it will make them harder to sew to each other.

Make up a "batch of biscuits" and then sew them together in rows. Then sew rows together to form a quilt the size you want it to be. Fit your quilt with a backing as you would any other quilt and hand stitch between rows of biscuits to secure the backing. There's no need for quilt batting in between top and backing as each square is already filled.

Finish outer edges last by turning quilt backing up over top and hand stitching it down over the outside edges of the quilt top.

I've made one of these quilts myself and must say, it was the warmest quilt I ever slept under. If you stuff it with polyfil, which can be bought to stuff toys with, it is machine washable and the puffs stay fluffy for the life of the quilt.

Everybody sleeps better snuggled down underneath a homemade quilt!