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Expert Advice

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1983-2012

Issue: April, 1983

For the benefit of our readers who are gearing up for trout fishing season, we interviewed a very successful local fisherman with many years of experience for information on outsmarting trout. I think his tips will provide you with helpful insights, especially for beginners.

His advice is as follows:

When preparing to go fishing for trout, get live bait. The trout like worms, the bigger the better. Use small hooks, about size six, because the worms hide the hook and the trout can’t see it. The type of rod you use doesn’t make any difference. The best time to fish is early in the morning about daylight or late afternoon about 4:00. Hunt for a place in the stream where the water is deep and dark or where the water is rippling. These are the best places to cast. Let your line lay in one spot and give it an occasional jerk to move the bait. This seems to be more successful than casting a lot. Trout nibble at the bait so be patient and don’t try to pull them in until you’re sure they have bitten good. They seem to bite better on misty days also.

If you follow this advice, we can’t assure you of success but it sure works for him. Our expert is 13 year old Ricky Conner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hansel Conner of Meadows of Dan, Va. He has been fishing as long as he can remember and practically always catches the limit.