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Fishing Data

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1983-2012

Issue: April, 1983

The Virginia Department of Fish and Game in Richmond gave us the following list of places in Patrick, Carroll and Floyd Counties where you may obtain a license for trout fishing as well as a list of streams stocked in these three counties. Two of the streams, Snake Creek in Carroll County and Little River in Floyd County, are stocked for trophy fishing. This means they are covered by special regulations and only fish over 12 inches may be kept. If you wish further information, you can pick up a booklet of the regulations where licenses are sold or phone the state office at Richmond at 804-257-1000.

CARROLL COUNTY Stocked Creeks and Rivers
1. Big Pauls Creek
2. Little Reed Island Creek
3. Stuarts Creek
4. Big Reed Island Creek
5. Crooked Creek
6. Burks Fork
7. Laurel Fork
8. Snake Creek
(This will be stocked once between April 25th and May 14th for Trophy Fishing, only fish over 12 inches are "keepers".
License Agents
1. Circuit Court, Hillsville
2. Crooked Creek Fee Fishing Area, Elk Creek. (This place will sell only five day permits.)
3. Hillsville Union 76
4. Woodlawn Grocery, Woodlawn
5. S. & H. Grocery, Fries

FLOYD COUNTY Stocked Creeks and Rivers
1. Burks Fork
2. Goose Creek
3. Howells Creek
4. Laurel Fork Creek
5. Little Indian Creek
6. Little River
7. Little River, one mile upstream from and two miles downstream from Route 615 bridge. Trophy Fishing only.
8. Mira Fork
9. West Fork of Little River
License Agents
1. Circuit Court, Floyd
2. Midway Grocery & Oil Co., Floyd

PATRICK COUNTY Stocked Creeks and Rivers
1. Ararat River
2. Dan River above powerhouse
3. Dan River below powerhouse
4. North Fork of South Mayo River
5. Poorhouse Creek
6. Rock Castle Creek
7. Round Meadow Creek
8. South Fork of South Mayo Creek
License Agents
1. Circuit Court, Stuart
2. Orchard View Service, Woolwine
3. Ararat Grocery, Ararat