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Perfect Tree Found On A Snowy Day

By Geneva Overby © 1991

Issue: December, 1991

My most memorable experience finding a Christmas tree was when I was about nine years old. My sister and I set out early one morning to find a Christmas tree. We walked through the fields and woods but couldn't seem to find exactly "that right tree," but soon we came to a creek that was covered with ice, and to our surprise, we saw the most beautiful tree on the other side and we just had to have it.

So with axe in hand, we made our way through the icy creek, cut our tree and set out for home, which was several miles away,

As we walked, we marveled at our tree that seemed so perfect even before it was decorated.

Our thoughts were of getting home, decorating our tree, warming by a wood fire, and some of Mom's home cooked food.

We were about a half mile from home when the first snowflakes began to fall. By the time we got home, our tree was as white as the new fallen snow. What a perfect day we had experienced!