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Photography Contest - Share Your Favorite Blue Ridge Scenes

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1986

Issue: August, 1986

Share The Beauty Of The Blue Ridge Or A Glimpse Of The Past With Other Mountain Laurel Readers.

Send us your favorite Blue Ridge photographs and have a chance to seeing them used as the cover photograph of the month on The Mountain Laurel. We want photographs that show the world the beauty and character of the Blue Ridge. Winners will be chosen from the following categories:

1. Landscape - Mountain scenes, including animals.

2. Old buildings.

3. Mountain people.

In each of these categories, you may submit as many entries as you wish. We ask that you send a copy we can keep of a black and white photograph or, if color, one that has good contrast because it will be reproduced in black and white. If you wish them returned, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope.

4. Old Photographs.

Photographs chosen in this category will be copied and we will return your original. Please send a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Winning photographs will be published in The Mountain Laurel and have a chance of being the cover photo, with your name credit. Winners will also receive a free three year subscription as well.

This contest is open to all - Amateur and professional photographers of any age. The quality of the photograph and capturing the essence of the Blue Ridge is all that counts. Entries will be judged by The Mountain Laurel staff.

Good luck. We will be looking forward to seeing your entries.