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Notice to Subscribers and Collectors

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1983-2012

Issue: August, 1983

We regret that there are no more March or April back issues available. We still have a limited number of May and June issues available upon request. Because our supply is limited, requests will be filled on a “first come - first served” basis only.

Our first edition was printed in March. The second issue came out the first of April. The third issue came out the first of May. The fourth issue came out the first of June. We have predated our July issue to August to give us more time to get it to our distributors in other states and meet their requirements. (A complete set of Mountain Laurels are: March, April, May, June and August) This will in no way effect your subscription. You will receive the same number of issues, only the dating system has been changed. The next issue you will receive will be around the first of August but it will say September on it.

We know this may be confusing and wish to thank you for your patience and understanding with our growth and learning process.