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Our First Anniversary

By Bob Heafner © 1984-2012

Issue: March, 1984

OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY! It’s been one whole year since our first paper was printed in March of 1983. That first paper had 12 pages and there were only 5,500 copies printed. We held our breath waiting for the first subscriber. That first subscriber was Mr. Cruise Howell, of Meadows of Dan, Virginia. It meant so much to us and we will never forget it! In appreciation, we would like to give Mr. Howell a free lifetime subscription to The Mountain Laurel.

When we began The Mountain Laurel, we were greenhorns at publishing and had to learn everything the hard way, by trial and error. One year later, we are still finding there is more and more to learn.

When we first began, our goal was to someday reach a circulation of 10,000. As of this issue, there have already been more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION Mountain Laurel’s printed our first year. Those first 12 pages have now grown to 24 and the number of copies to 25,000 per issue.

Over the past year our circulation has spread all over America. We are proud to say that we even have subscribers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and one family in South Africa.

It seems that people everywhere identify with the day to day life stories and struggles, values and traditions of the mountain country ways.

Thank you, dear readers, for your wonderful response to our efforts in sharing our love of the Blue Ridge people, places and traditions with you. You also have our gratitude for being patient with us as we learn and grow. The Mountain Laurel would not be what it is today without you - our readers.