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Dear Readers - Our First Computer

By Bob Heafner © 1984-2012

Issue: July, 1984

This month part of our subscribers received their papers with a label on it printed by our brand new computer. By next month, all the labels should be printed on it.

Any machine is only as smart as the humans that made and use it, so if we have made any mistakes on your label, we'd appreciate it if you would let us know. None of us knew anything at all about computers when we got it and have pulled a lot of hair learning.

Your new labels will have the month and year your subscription expires printed at the top. This will help us keep up with it better and let you know as well. If you need to write to us concerning your subscription, send us the label. We'll confront the computer, give it a good talking to and straighten it out. If you ever have any difficulty receiving your subscription, please call us collect at 703-593-3613.

We're trying our best, but as Caleb and Henry would say, "Nothing is foolproof as any fool soon finds out!"

The Mountain Laurel offers a subscription sale fund raising program to non-profit organizations such as church, school or civic clubs. If your organization would like more information, call 703-593-3613 and ask for Susan. All inquiries welcome.