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By Susan M. Thigpen © 1983-2012

Issue: May, 1983

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Please help us to determine how we're doing. We want to do our very best for both our readers and our advertisers. If you would answer the following questions, it would help us immensely. We know that a lot of people don't want to cut up The Mountain Laurel so you can answer them on another piece of paper, if you wish. If you will do this for us, we will give you $1.00 off your subscription to the Mountain Laurel.

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1. Which articles were your favorites in this issue?

2. Do you plan to contact or do business with any of our advertisers this month?

3. Which ones?

4. Have you already contacted any of our advertisers?

5. Which ones?

6. Were you pleased?

7. Which ad "caught your eye" the most?

8. Which page, in your opinion, has the best an layout?

9. What type of articles or regular columns would you like to read in future issues of The Mountain Laurel:

10. Do you own land or reside in Floyd, Patrick, or Carroll County?

11 . Are your family "roots" in one of these three counties?

12 . Do you own a summer home or vacation property here?

13 . If you were from this area but do not live here now, do you still have relatives living in this area?

14. How many people have read your copy of The Mountain Laurel? (Include family members or friends you have shown it to.)

Thank you so much. Your answers will help us to know how to make The Mountain Laurel better.