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Genealogy - July, 1986

Issue: July, 1986

[Dear Editor;]
I am researching the Turner family of Christiansburg, VA and need to know the name of Alexander A. Turner's father and his mother, Martha's maiden name. The 1850 Montgomery Co. census lists Martha Turner as head of household with children named Alexander A., Frances, Nelson, and Mary A. (born in 1850). Alexander A. Turner (nicknamed "Dell") married Diannah H. Banks in 1858 in Carroll Co. Their daughter, Mary Frances, married Andrew Jackson Gardner in 1884. I shall be grateful for any information.

Mrs. Jo Gardner Poindexter
712 Wickwood Dr.
Chesapeake, VA 23320

[Dear Editor;]
I would like to learn about my grandmother's family who lived in the Franklin & Floyd Co. areas of VA. She was Florence Florentine Gillespie, born Jan. 26, 1863 in Franklin Co. She was the daughter of William E. Gillespie and Mary Jane Deaton Gillespie. She married James E. Gates of Richmond, VA. The marriage took place in Roanoke Co., VA. I would like to correspond with any of the Gillespie or Deaton Families mentioned above.

Thank you,

Helen E. Hylton
1856 Faculty Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

[Dear Editor;]
I am seeking information on my grandfather William R. Wood who was married to Marianne Brint in Pennsylvania; (and) my great, great, great, grandfather Joseph Goodwin who was married to Margaret (Cathrine) Thomas. Joseph & Margaret are buried near Columbus Ohio and I would like to find out where.

Mary G. Cooper
5824 Foster Lane
Salem, VA 24153

[Dear Editor;]
I am doing research on the Huff and Dickerson family, of Floyd Co., VA. My great, great grandpa was German W. Huff 1857-1942. He was born in Floyd, Co. and died in Leaksville, NC. He married Susan Ann Dickerson 1858-1944. She was a daughter of Griffith Dickerson who died in 1863, and Susannah Hylton Dickerson (b. 1836 ca) who married Daniel W. Sutphin in 1869. In the 1890 Floyd Co. census, German Huff, and Daniel W. Sutphin, were living in Burk's Fork District. Anyone who could help me, or who wishes to exchange information will be welcome.

Sheralene Shorpshire
Rt. 1, Box 399
Stoneville, NC 27048

[Dear Editor;]
Samuel H. Scott, born in VA in 1797-8 migrated to Western Kentucky with Andrew Scott, who was probably a younger brother. They each homesteaded 160 acres of land in the new Jackson Purchase area of Hickman County in 1823. They both lived there until Andrew's death in 1853 of influenza. Samuel and his wife Catherine b. 1814, in KY had seven children. Andrew and his wife Elizabeth Cromwell had 1 child, B.F. Scott b. 1837 and drown May 5, 1858. I would appreciate any information about the area of VA that my great, great, grandfather Samuel left from or any previous genealogy.

All correspondence will be cheerfully answered.

Thank you.

Gene E. Scott
1500 Hines Rd.
Moreland, GA 30259

[Dear Editor;]
I'm looking for Thomas Eli Halls parents, he married Sally Louise Hughes. They lived in Chase City, VA ; when they died; don't know their ages but oldest child was Wesley Turnly Hall born 1881 or 1882. Other children Eller M. Dillion, Charlie Morefield, Ollie M. Robinson, Scott M., Rose Carol Clayburn. Wesley was the oldest married Elizabeth Farmer.

A.H. Hall
5744 Hagon Stone Pk. Rd,
Pleasant Garden, NC 27313