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Genealogy - September, 1986

Issue: September, 1986

Dear Mountain Laurel,
Thanks so much for such a refreshing bit of sunshine once a month. I'm looking for some information from some of your readers about my grandmother, Nancy (Johnson) Treadway. She married Robert H. Treadway in the early 1890's. They had one daughter and four sons - Annie, Ellison, Andrew, James and my father Garfield.

Nancy died when all her children were quite young. They were born at Barnard Corner. I think the French Broad River is very near there. Broad River is very near there. Somehow Nancy also went by another last name before she married at this time I cannot remember what it was. I would be forever grateful for any information I could get.


Nancy Willis
Rt. 5, Box 155-A
Quincy, FL 32351

[Dear Editor;]
I am seeking relatives who migrated from Culpepper, Va. through Meadows of Dan, VA. into Stokes Co., NC. I would appreciate greatly your assistance by printing the following in your widely read newspaper: Jacob Ward, b. 1730, Culpepper, VA., Anna Hill b. 1750; John Ward, b. 1755, M. Rachael Vernon; William Ward, b. 1784, M. Salley Ayers; Samual Marion David Ward, b. 1833, M. Mary Ann Hutchison; Relatives please write:

Janice Ward Turner
Rt. 2, Box 4
Efland, NC 27243

[Dear Editor;]
I would like to learn something about my grandmother's people who I was told was from Meadows of Dan or Vesta, Virginia. I don't know, but I think some of her people still live in Vesta. She was Nancy Jane Clifton, born May 21, 1843 and died the 7th of March, 1904. I never knew her as I was born Dec. 1903. She was the daughter of Euwel and Ruth Clifton. Does anyone know who their parents were? They had 10 children.

Thank you so much.

Mrs. G.D. Morrison
7510 Marbrett Dr., Apt 303
Richmond, VA 23225

[Dear Editor;]
I am seeking information on the following people - Jesse and Anna Hubbard (Anna's maiden name not know) who lived in the Woolwine area in the early 1800's. Also would like to know about their son John who married Mary Brammer. Would like to know about Jonathan William Hubbard who married Sara Luvina Dillion. I am especially interested in finding information on he or her family. And need to know about David McAlexander and wife Mary, maiden name not known. Their daughter Melia Jane McAlexander married Columbus Reid Hubbard. In addition to Melia Jane, they had a daughter name Isabel, and sons; Zack, Willie, Amos, Bunyan, and Jesse that I know of. Some of them lived in the Woolwine, VA. area and in Patrick County. Any information (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. I want to know everything possible about all of them.

Any letters I may receive will be promptly answered, and very greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Mrs. Mabel P. Womack
555 E. Little Creek Road, Lot 209
Norfolk, Virginia 23505