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Genealogy - September, 1987

Issue: September, 1987

[Dear Editor,]
I am looking for information on the McMurray family. Samuel McMurray was found to be 64 years old in the 1850 census in Scott County, Virginia He married Jane Ramey. He was born in 1786. I am interested in finding his mother's and father's names.

Wanda McMurray
4936 Rt. 35 E.
West Alexandria, OH 45381

[Dear Editor,]
I am researching the Cook Family. I would like any information about Arthur Elbert Cook. He was born March 30, 1900 in Westfield, N.C., just inside the Surry Co. line. He was raised on a farm (which was owned by his grandfather I've been told). He went to Danville, Va. to work in a tobacco related job when he was about 14. He went to McDowell Co., W.V. and lived in or around Coalwood. I don't know when he went to West Virginia, but it was after 1914 and before 1918. He married Flossie Alice Harmon May 14, 1921 at Coalwood, W.V. She was born March 21, 1894 in Floyd Co., Va. She died October 13, 1953 and was buried in a small church cemetery bordering the Blue Ridge Parkway at Tuggles Gap, Va. at the Rt. 8 exit. He died in Moundsville, W.V. August 1, 1966 and was buried with his wife.

I have information on the Harmon line, but I still would enjoy exchanging information. My main request is on the Cook line though. Arthur's mother may have been Mary Elizabeth Cook Long. He may have been the grandson of a James Cook. According to family information, A.E.C. was raised near Ararat. I don't know if that was Ararat, NC or Ararat, Va. Both are close to each other.

I have found out that he was kin to a Pauline Marshall in Winston–Salem, N.C. and is believed to be a cousin. This is an old address though (1956).

A.E.C. worked for the Olga Coal Co. as a shot–firer. He started working for them January 21, 1918.

Any additional information would be appreciated.

Donnie Noel
3227 Oliver Rd. NE
Roanoke, VA 24012

[Dear Editor,]
In 1986 a National Haymore Family Organization was formed. It held its first National Reunion in Mt. Airy on June 27 and 28 of 1987. The Mt. Airy area has provided the nucleus for most of the known Haymores in North America.

The Haymore family came to Mt. Airy just prior to 1820, having previously resided in Pittsylvania Co., Va. and prior to that in Brunswick and Lunenburg Counties in Va. They were in America prior to 1760 and the Revolutionary War. Anyone having interests may contact:

Kathryn Susan Creed
1448 Edgewood Dr.
Mt. Airy, NC 27030