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Genealogy - May, 1988

Issue: May, 1988

[Dear Editor,]
For several years now I have been attempting to trace my family tree. My paternal tree the THORTONS.

Meredith Thorton married in Montgomery County, Virginia to Louise W. Bowden April 8, 1833. Eight of his children were born in Pulaski County, Virginia.

On February 16, 1851 Meredith Thorton bought property in Mercer County, Virginia and moved there.

Meredith died on June 1, 1865 in Mercer County (now West Virginia). His death certificate lists parents as T. and Susan (maybe Thomas). Four more children were born to this union.

The third son, William Marion Thorton, was my great grandfather. I wonder if anyone in the area knows this family. I particularly want to know the full name of Meredith Thorton's father or sisters to Meredith.

Thank you for your help.

Evamay Beckner
3115 E. Buck Court
Inverness, FL 32652

[Dear Editor,]
I am searching for information on Jack Harper and family. They once lived in Danville, Virginia and are believed to have moved to North Carolina. Any help will be appreciated.

Mrs. Lonnie Crosby
Rt. 4, Box 289
Gretna, VA 24559

[Dear Editor,]
I am interested in contact with relations or persons with knowledge of the following families: Grayson County, Virginia - Goodson; Carroll County, Virginia - Golding; Smyth County, Virginia - Williams, Anderson, Suits; Surry County, North Carolina - Creed, Dickens, Norman. Any information would be appreciated.

Julia Kodak
Rt. 1, Box 212
Piney Flats, TN 37686

[Dear Editor,]
I am interested in finding out the present day location of a settlement and possible Fort called New River in 1750 in the western section of Virginia. My ancestors moved to this area from York, Pennsylvania before the revolution but were burned out by Indians in 1760. We understood they sought refuge in a Fort. They moved down to Bethania, North Carolina. The name of my forefather was Wernhardt Spaenhauer and his brother was Henry Spaenhauer.

David Spainhour
P.O. Box 2017
Boone, NC 28607

[Dear Editor,]
I am searching for the parents of Burgess Jackson, born April 23, 1789, died July 16,1874, Moore County, North Carolina; and Dicey Cole, his wife, married November 9, 1810. Dicey was born November 9, 1794, died December 2, 1881, Moore County, North Carolina. Their children were: Martha 1813, James W. 1815, Sara A. 1817, Nancy 1819, Mary 1821, Dicy 1823, John 1824, Lavina 1826, Elizabeth (Betsy) 1827, Harbert 1829, Eleanor 1834, Burgess 1833, Belenda 1835, and David 1837.

Any information of the Parents, of the above will be greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Geneva Jackson Thomas
318 Hawkins Ave.
Sanford, NC 27330

[Dear Editor,]
My husband is a descended on the CLARK, GRAY, HANKS, MARSHALL, THOMAS, TURNER, DALTON, GALLIMORE, BAKER, HURT, LARGEN, ROGERS, etc. lines in southwest Virginia and I would enjoy hearing from anyone who is researching any of these lines.

Dolores C. Clark
8124 Whelan Dr.
San Diego, CA 92119