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Genealogy - October, 1983

Issue: October, 1983

[Dear Editor,]

I’m looking for some books. Could you help me find them? (1) Genealogies of the Prominent Early Settlers of the Blue Ridge Plateau, Hunter Publishing Co. by Susan Jefferson Shelor, 1936, 1961. (2) Pioneers and Their Coats of Arms of Floyd County, VA. Thank you.

Mrs. Joseph D. Driskill
21 Eastover Court
Louisville, KY 40206

[Dear Editor,]

Seeking information about my great aunt, Minnie Wood. I don’t know her married name. She was a sister to my grandmother Miss Nannie Hall, Walter Wood and Albert Wood. They were separated as children. The last information I have about her is that she was living in Rocky Mount, Va. in 1961. I’m really anxious to meet some of her family. Grandma Nannie is still living.

Ivalien Belcher
Route 1
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120