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Genealogy - October, 1989

Issue: October, 1989

[Dear Editor,]
My ancestors were Washington Sarah (Mangus) Hughett of Floyd, Carroll counties [Virginia]. I would like to locate a local historian who could tell me about two old log homes that are located on State Road No. 624 very near where the Hughett cemetery is. The cemetery is located on the old Wyatt Wade farm which is now owned by church which has built their parsonage on the property near the cemetery. I am interested in knowing who built these log homes originally. I think it might have been my ancestors William and John Hughett.

The parson allowed us to take pictures of the old log homes. He said they were part of the church property which was given to them by Wyatt Wade.

Any information at all would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

Marjorie Hughettt Gapinski
1440 La Fayette
La Salle IL, 61301

[Dear Editor,]
Desire to correspond with anyone doing research on the Wholfords, Wolfords, Woolfords, specifically Lewis, Martin and Jacob. Jacob and Margaret are my ancestors. He died around 1815 leaving Margaret (Peggy) with several children. Need the date of Jacob and Margaret's marriage and their children.

Judith G. Blackwell
224 Christian Ave. NE
Roanoke, VA 24012

[Dear Editor,]
I am interested in finding information on Shelor Jones. He was married on 6 January 1857 to Nancy Ann Trail and we think he lived in Franklin County.

After the war he did not return to Franklin County but we believe he might have settled in Wise County and remarried.

We think his parents were William and Ann Moore. He had a son named John.

If anyone has any information about his family please write to.

Hubert Underwood
Route 3 Box 151
Ferrum VA 24088

[Dear Editor,]
Attention Rakes, Vipperman, Spencer, and Stanley Families

Have your ancestors talked about an old silver mine in the Pinnacles of Dan? Have they talked about the silver used on the stocks of old long rifles? Or drowned slaves when the river changed course? Or illegal counterfeiting going on in the mine?

If you have heard any such stories, please share them with me. I recently wrote the Mountain Laurel asking for information about a mine in families other than the Stanley (my) family. The responses indicate stories above, with special mention of families or individuals named Rakes, Vipperman, and Spencer being involved. I will be glad to share legends.

Please send stories to:

Sandra G. Holland
529 Oakhaven
Pleasanton, Tx. 78064