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Genealogy - November, 1989

Issue: November, 1989

[Dear Editor,]
For several years I have been researching the history of the Hedrick Family in America.

My research has been tied into the family of Charles Hedrick, born 1741, of Pendleton County, Virginia (West Virginia). Charles and his wife Barbara raised a large family of eight children. Over the past two centuries the descendants of Charles Hedrick have fanned out through West Virginia and the entire United States.

Today most of the Hedricks in Pendleton County and many in the surrounding counties including Barbour, Taylor, Randolph, Nicholas, Lewis, Mineral, Berkeley, Grant, Highland and Hardy Counties are Charles' descendants.

To date I have over 2000 names included in this study. I'd like to include as many Hedrick families as possible, so if you have any family history information I would like to hear from you. I have many of Charles' lines traced up to 1910; so if you can trace your line back at least that far I may be able to tie in your line.

If you do not know about family history, please give this message to family members who might. I'd like to hear from anyone who could contribute to this project. I appreciate any help and look forward to hearing from you.

Dale A. Hedrick, M.A.
2208 Marhofer Ave.
Stow, Ohio 44224
Phone 216-688-0218

[Dear Editor,]
I am searching for information on any branches of the Jesse Walter Birdwell family. He was my grandfather and was supposedly from Kingsport, Tennessee. I was told he drowned in Taylor Springs, Illinois on June 17, 1918 while trying to save two little girls from drowning. Aside from knowing that he was presented the Hero's Award postumously by the Carnegie Hero Fund, I know very little about him.

I would appreciate any information that might be helpful as I am the last male in the Birdwell family.

Walter Birdwell
1014 SW 19th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

[Dear Editor,]
I am seeking information on my great-grandfather, Mathias Fox and his family in Tazewell County, Virginia. Mathias Fox, born June 11, 1844 in Burkes Garden, Va and married to Sara Ann Lowder, June 11, 1848, had six children.

My grandfather, Peter Spangler Fox, born November 22, 1865 in Burkes Garden, Va and married to Margaret Letetia Jane Wynn, died in Buena Vista, Va. They had six children.

Andrew Fox married to Mary ?, Clear Fork, V a had six children.

John Fox married to Sarah ? of Cambria, Va had three children.

Margaret Fox Mahood lived in Natural Bridge, Va and had three children.

There was a daughter and another son, but I have no information on them.

If any of the Fox family have any information on the background of Fox family, I would appreciate it if you would write to me.

Mrs. Pauline Fox Watts
Box 74
Fairfield, VA 24435