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Genealogy - January, 1990

Issue: January, 1990

I'm a new subscriber to your publication, The Mountain Laurel, and just received my first copy. I'm very pleased and love reading all the past history. It's a real treasure!

I would like to correspond and exchange information with anyone having information on the Snow families of the Blue Ridge areas of Virginia and North Carolina. My Snow descendants were in the area as early as late 1700's and 1800's and I'm very interested to learn about the history and customs of that period. Please write.

Thank you,
Barbara E. Wall
PO Box 1095
Columbia, California 95310-1095

[Dear Editor,]
I need parentage of Margaret Blankenship, wife of Jesse Blankenship, born about 1786, died 1849 at 12 Pole (now Wayne County, West Virginia). She had a brother John Stafford in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

I would also like information on Peter Blankenship Junior, born about 1755, died 1836 at 12 Pole. His father was Peter Blankenship, Senior. His wife was Jemima Perdue, daughter of William Perdue who lived near Pearisburg, Virginia. I would like information on the Blankenship and Perdues of Chesterfield County, Franklin County, Bedford County and Giles County, Virginia.

Minnie Stafford
Route 1, Box 89
Vanceburg, Kentucky 41179

Dear Ms. Stafford,
One branch of my family tree is the Vance family, so I'm interested in how the town you live in came to be named Vanceburg. If any of you readers have Vances in your family tree, I would enjoy hearing from you. There is a national Vance family association and I will pass the information on to them.

Thank you,
Susan Thigpen, Editor