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Genealogy - March, 1990

Issue: March, 1990

[Dear Editor,]
The Antioch Baptist Church is trying to locate any family or friends of the Reverend W.H. Parker. He served as our pastor 1911-1913. We need a picture of Rev. Parker for our church chapel where it will be on permanent display.

We celebrated our centennial year in 1989. We found pictures of all our former pastors except Rev. Parker. We understand Rev. W.H. Parker's son lives in Virginia.

We would have a copy of picture made and return the original to the donor.

James G. Peck, Centennial Chairman
Antioch Baptist Church
Rt. 2, Box 17-B
Ansted, West Virginia 25812

[Dear Editor,]
I am researching our family of Cochrans, Cockrams or Cockerhams. If anyone has any information or pictures of the following I will be ever so grateful. I have located a picture of my grandparents but none of the greats. They are from Patrick County, Virginia.

Edward Cockram, b. 1740 married Mary Preston or Isham; Nathan Cockram, b. 1770 married Bathsheba Pedigo; Spencer Cockram, b. 1800 married Nancy Boyd; Nathaniel Cockram, b. 1821 married Ruth Brammer; Spencer Cockram, b. 1845 married Bettie Cockram (spelling on gravestone); Sarah Lucinda Cockram married George W. Cundiff (my grandparents).

Thank you very much.

Frances Young
219 Edgedale Drive
High Point, North Carolina 27262

[Dear Editor,]
I would like information on where Tuggles Gap [Floyd County, Virginia] got its name. My grandfather, Peter James Tuggle was raised up there in those mountains. He married Annie Belton, an Indian woman and they had 12 children. They sold what they had and moved to North Carolina. There he married for the second time and had six more children. I think his father's name was George Tuggle who died in the Civil War.

I feel there are some Tuggles buried at the church at Tuggles Gap. If anyone knows anything, please write. I will pay for information.

Nina Tuggle Stafford
Box 1930, Highway 66 South
Kernersville, NC 27284

[Dear Editor,]
I am doing research on the Allen family. I have of Henry Allen and his wife Kathleen McConkey Allen, originally of Culpepper, Va.

Their son John R. Allen born 1809, died May 12, 1873. His wife Elizabeth born 1810. They are buried in Braxton County, West Virginia. Their children: Bettie 1841, Mary 1850, John 1851, Bailus 1855 and Ann 1858. All buried in Braxton County, WV.

I would also like information on Charles Allen born about 1859, wife Sabina born 1860. Their daughter born Dec. 1879 named Lilly Delle. Stephen J. Allen born about 1836, his wife Mary born 1838. Their children: Samantia F., Thedosia, Sylvester P, and Sarah MP. These are in the 1880 census of West Virginia, Braxton County.

I would appreciate any information that might be helpful in my research.

Mrs. Roy Conrad
Route 35, Box 5
Napier, West Virginia 26631