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Genealogy - The Halsey Family

By Ella H. Maner © 1990

Issue: September, 1990

The Halsey's go back a long way, from Hertfordshire England to Lynn, Massachusetts to Southampton, Long Island, Virginia and North Carolina, etc. Thomas Halsey, wife Phoebe Barrett and their 4 children sailed from England in June, 1633 to Lynn, Massachusetts. Because of religious repression there, they moved down to Long Island in 1640, founding the first English settlement in the state of New York. Our Thomas was one of the founders and signers of the pact with the Shinnecock Indians. In 1648, Thomas built his house and today it stands as a memorial to Thomas and the hardy settlers, a museum to the past.

In 1958, Southhampton Colonial Society purchased the Halsey House to restore it. Henry F. DuPont, chairman of the restoration committee, saw to every detail and each article donated. Many of the gifts came from the attics and barns of the descendants of Thomas and Phoebe. Mr. DuPont's wife is a descendant of Phoebe Barrett Halsey.

One interesting thing in the house is a 1560 "Breeches Bible", sent by Sir Thomas Halsey of the Golden Parsonage in Hertfordshire, England, home of the Halseys since 1412.

The Wythe County line of Halseys started with Steven I. His father, Sylvanus left him land in Wythe County. His will left: 2 tracts of land, 2/3 to Steven and 1/3 to Sarah Belshee. I've not been able to find out who Sarah Belshee was, but Steven bought a lot more land, some 600 acres.

Steven II inherited the home place. He had brothers: John Trigg Halsey, James C. Halsey and several sisters. Steven II married Sally Crockett. They had 8 children: Thomas Jefferson (my grandfather), James W ( married Sarah Crockett), George N. ( m. Mary Everett), Steven C. (m. Emily Patterson), William N. Eliza (m. Charles C. Patterson, Polly H. ( m. Stewart Repass), Rachel Louise ( m. Jerome Davis).

I met a daughter of Rachel's in 1980, Cora Davis Wyatt. She was 94 and a beautiful lady. She was living with her nieces Mrs. Phern Lamary and Louise Davis. She passed away January 13, 1981. I also visited two nice ladies in Wytheville, Misses Gladys and Elsie Halsey, descendants of John Trigg Halsey.

My grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Halsey married Sylvia Caldonia Tickle of Giles County. They lived at the homeplace in Crocketts Cove. My grandparents had 7 children: Albert Cecil (my father, m. Clara Mae Smith), Tyler Clinton (m. Collie Abshire of Dayton, OH), William Steven (m. Collie Bowles of Dayton, OH), Ewing Thomas (m. Mary York of Gary, WV), David Pierce (m. Mary Todd of Dayton, OH), Carrie Maude (m. Samuel R. Anderson of Wytheville), Alberta Paulene (m. Paul A Pillkins of Dearborn, MI).

My father left home at an early age and went to the Dublin area of Pulaski County. Aunt Maude lived and raised a family in Wytheville. Some of her children live in or around Wythe County. They've all passed away except for Aunt Alberta. She lives in Dearborn, MI, and is 89 years old.

There's a Halsey Cemetery across the road in the field from the big yellow house in Crocketts Cove. In it is buried John Trigg Halsey, Sr. CSA, John Trigg, Jr 2nd Co 9 36th VA 2nf CSA, James W. Co C 51st VA 2nf CSA, Steven II (my grandfather) and the wives and a child or two.

I'd love to hear from some Wythe County Halseys. Write to:

Ella H. Maner
Route 3, Box 353
Norwood, North Carolina 28128