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Genealogy - October, 1991

Issue: October, 1991

Dear Readers,
This month we have included a short article with tips on researching your family tree through historical societies. It is on page 9 of this issue.

Hope it helps,

Susan Thigpen

Dear Susan:
I enjoy your paper so much. I can't say enough about it.

I was born and raised at Galena and attended Galena school and church as a kid. Later attended Jacksons Memorial High School.

Susan, could you check something for me? My father was Jefferson Davis Ayers who lived at Gladesboro in Carroll County before moving to Wythe County. I don't know who my grandmother was before her marriage. I would appreciate any help on this matter. Keep up the good work.

Thanking you in advance.

C. W. Ayers
509 Rosery Rd., N.W.
Largo, Florida 34640

Dear Ms. Thigpen:
I have enjoyed reading The Mountain Laurel through a subscriber friend. Thank you for an interesting newspaper.

My daughter-in-law has ancestors named Ridgeway. She descends from a Samuel Ridgeway (?-1781) from Virginia who married Elizabeth Woodson. Samuel's son, James Ridgeway (? 1740s-Sept 1823) married Elizabeth Chizenhall (?-1824) and James' son Richard Ridgeway (c1772- 1840s) married ?. Richard Ridgeway's son, William Ridgeway (? 1790s-? 1840s) moved from Virginia to Gibson County, Tennessee.

Since there is a town named Ridgeway near Martinsville, Virginia, I wondered if any of your readers could tell me how this community got its name and if anyone has any interest in this Ridgeway family.


Ann Wairdson Marion
138 West End
Chester, South Carolina 29706