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Genealogy - March, 1984

Issue: March, 1984

[Dear Editor,]

I am gathering information on the descendants of Isham and Sally (Burch) Barnard, who lived and raised 13 children in the Kibler Valley of Patrick County, Va. We believe Isham was born in what is now Patrick County. (Henry County at the time of his birth), and Sally was born in Surry County, NC, daughter of William and Mary Burch. Their children and spouses were” Lucy, married James McGuffey; Tirea, married Eliza Scott; Melinda, married John Stanley; Mary, married Thomas B. Shelor; Nancy, (no information); James, married Elizabeth Thompson; Mahala, married Richard Thompson; Charles, married Delila Thompson; Lemina, married James Jennings; Lucy Ann, married Samuel Green Adams; Isham, (no information); William, never married.

I hope eventually to compile a book of information on these lines, and would be delighted to hear from anyone giving (or asking for) information. Your postage will be refunded if you request it. Xeroxed copies of family records containing names and dates would be most helpful. I am looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Vera Barnard Seigler
2955 Fairlee Dr.
Fairfax, Va. 22031

[Dear Editor,]

Seeking information about ancestors and descendants of Benjamin Moody who with wife Rhody was in Caldwell County, NC in 1850. He had a large family, later migrated to Johnson Co., Tenn. Any information greatly appreciated, will answer all letters.

Mrs. Sam Pitchford
P.O. Box 41
Fayetteville, Va. 28309