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Genealogy - September, 1984

Issue: September, 1984

[Dear Editor,]

I would appreciate any information on Luke Stanley, my great-great-grandfather, born in Franklin, Henry, Bedford or Halifax County, ca. 1775. Married Jane Standley, Jan. 22, 1813, Franklin County, Va. they lived in Franklin County, Virginia.

Thank you,

Anne Stanley Chatham
P.O. Box 1217
Pebble Beach, Ca. 93953

[Dear Editor,]

I am looking for information on my great grandparents. My grandfather was Peter Willis Spangler, 1881-1942, a blacksmith who moved to Pulaski, Va. He married Flora Mae Epperly, 1882-1951.

Thank you,

Patricia S. Turner
1204 E. Elm St.
Graham, N.C. 27253

[Dear Editor,]

I am hoping to find a book on the Cundiff family genealogy. I would appreciate any information about it as my grandfather was a Cundiff from Franklin County.

Thank you,

Eva Kay McCoy
502 Bishop St.
Williamson, W. Va. 25661

Readers of the Mountain Laurel,

I have just finished writing and publishing a book called The Townsend Heritage. It's a genealogy book and part photo book of the Townsend Family. The book tells the history of the Daniel Townsend family from the time they came to America by way of Charlestown, South Carolina port to Tennessee, Georgia and then scattered over the United States. The family lived at Edisto Island, close to Charleston, South Carolina for 150 years and then migrated farther up in the states during the Civil War (1860's). Names, dates and important facts tell the parts some Townsends played in the making of history. Most of the pictures in this book were taken before the turn of the century.

I am a member of the East Tennessee Historical Society.

My book is the size of standard typing paper (8"x11") and 135 pages thick. It has the Townsend family crest on the front, researched by the Sanson Institute of Washington, D.C.

Much work has gone into this book to make it more than a good genealogy book with only facts and dates. If you are interested in my book, the cost is $20 plus 2.50 for postage. Make inquiries to:

The Townsend Heritage
Kathy Townsend
Rt. 3, Box 794
Sevierville, TN. 37862