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Genealogy - December, 1984

Issue: December, 1984

[Dear Editor,]

I would like to know if any of you readers could help me gather information for my family genealogy research.

My grandfather was born in either Grayson or Carroll County on Sept. 2, 1881. His name was Daniel Dixie Brinkley. His father Crosley T. Brinkley, married Ona Lee Gardner from Hillsville, Va. (Daniel Gardner-Nancy Spence).

Also I'd like information on Thomas Brinkley, Charles Brinkley, Pheba Drason, 1850's - Surry Co., N.C. Crosley Brinkley, Rosanne Simpson married March 18, 1798 in Orange Co. N.C.

Also the children of Thomas & Pheba Brinkley - Martin, Ruth E., Rebecca J., Crosley, Henry, Frances and Lucinda, all lived in Surry Co. in 1850 and 1860.

Thank you,

Alice Russell Walston
201 First St.
Tarboro, N.C. 27886

[Dear Editor,]

I am writing your paper to get what information I can on John Dalton, who lived in Amherst, Va. during the Civil War, and his wife Mary Katherine Palmer. Great Grandad was killed during the war. His wife went back on a wagon to get her household goods and sell her house and land. She was killed on the way there and someone wound up with her household goods and land. Grandpa went many times to try to find out where it was, what happened to it or who now owns it. He is dead now, but I would like any information on where their place was located or if anyone reading this paper knows anything about them. I will be so grateful to hear from them. I would also be interested in hearing from any of the Palmers on Great-Grandmother's side, if any are still living.

Mrs. Bryant Fielder
Rt. 1, Box 62-C
Sandy Level, Va. 24161

[Dear Editor,]

I would like to correspond with anyone who can give me information about Braxton Clark who married Margaret Rogers in 1846, Floyd County, Virginia. I have been trying for years to find out who their parents were. Braxton and Margaret had the following children: James Nathaniel who married Susan Thomas in 1867, Margaret who married David Epperly in 1872, Daniel Edward who married Callie Peters in 1877, William who married Lucy Blackwell in 1878, John Stuart, Robert Lee and Mary who was born in 1869.


Dolores C. Clark
8124 Whelan Dr.
San Diego, Ca. 92119