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Genealogy - May, 1985

Issue: May, 1985

[Dear Editor,]

I have been doing research on the Setliff or Sutliff family tree for the past 11 years and am at a standstill. I am in hopes some of your readers will supply me with more information.

Most of my family were from Patrick Co. and the area that is now Philpot Lake and Fairystone Park.

My father was Dennis Noel Setliff born 1897, Grandfather Robert Lee Setliff born 1874, Great grandfather John Abram Setliff born 1851, G. G. Grandfather Burnett (Barney) Sutliff born 1820, G. G. G. Grandfather Abram Setliff born 1741, G. G. G. G. Grandfather John Setliff born 1695.

D. Lee Setliff
29 Carden Drive (Fairlawn)
Radford, VA 24141

[Dear Editor,]

The picture on the front page of the May, 1984 issue of THE MOUNTAIN LAUREL, "Bell Spur Baptizing 1901" had family members of mine in it. It was my great-grandfather and grandfather, Elder Mat and son Willie Blancett.

If some of your readers know more about the Blancett history, I would appreciate them getting in touch with me. My father was Marion Green Blancett and mother, Wilda Horton Blancett. I know we were related to the Barnards, Cassells, Jessups and Turmans. My mother's grandfather was a Bowman.


Violet Blancett Maness
Rt.2, Box 25
Pleasant Garden, NC 27313

[Dear Editor,]

I would like any information on Lucy Ann Dalton Clifton, her father, mother, brothers and sisters. Her husband was Thomas Lincoln Clifton.

Thank you,

Lucy C. Nowlin
Rt. 5, Box 233
Stuart, VA 24171

[Dear Editor,]

I need information (full names, birth, marriage, death, children and parents) of the following families: William Myers and Ann Mary Baylor, George Walker Lease and Margaret Milslugle(?), William Salem Simpson and Olive E. Duckworth, born in 1843 and died May 8, 1908, George Washington Shank, born in 1819 and died in 1900, and Catherine Ann Williams, born in 1822 and died in 1901, Rebecca Elizabeth Hines born on October 17, 1846 and died on December 18, 1916 (her husband was James Phillip Shank. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Sharon A. Meyers
Rt. 2, Box 206
Keyser, WV 26726