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Genealogy - January, 1986

Issue: January, 1986

[Dear Editor,]
We would like information on the Sharp family from the area of Mill Point and Marlinton, West Virginia especially, but want any information on Sharp genealogy. We have documented back to one Peter Sharp in 1710 who converted to the Amish faith and started the name in the area from that time on.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and all replies will be answered soon as possible.

Bill Lewis
P.O. Box 234
Belleville, PA 17004

[Dear Editor,]
I'm seeking information on my grandparents and if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. Grandfather was Lemuel J. Frost, born March 15, 1878 in Grayson or Carroll Co., VA. Died Feb. 10, 1962. My grandmother was Caroline Mabe Frost.

My mother's father was Clark A. Edwards, born Dec. 10, 1869 in Carroll Co. His parents were Canada Edwards and Rena Saferight Edwards. My grandmother was Mary Ettar Spence Edwards, born Aug. 20, 1871, died Aug. 13, 1953. I don't know his parents names. All I know is she had a brother named John Preston Spence.

Mrs. Mary Phipps
Rt. 1, Box 771
Bassett, VA 24055

[Dear Editor,]
I am still searching for information regarding Martha Sutphin, born in May 1885 and lived in Hillsville. Martha, my grandmother, and her sister, Ocie (Oca) left and traveled to Dayton, Ohio.

Martha met and married William E. Rettig, a carpenter and railroad worker in Cincinnati, Ohio circa 1905. Moved/lived in Troy, Ohio then settled in Dayton, Ohio

If anyone can give me some information regarding Martha, where she went to school, her friends, her personality, etc. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you to those who have written to me.


Mrs. S. W. Dannemann
2026 Meadow Lake Court
Norfolk, VA 23518

[Dear Editor,]
I need to know the names of parents of Isham L. Lawson, born Aug. 15, 1814, and where the family of James M. Lawson went when they left Patrick Co., VA. I understand both families lived in Meadows of Dan. James was married to Mahala Shelor DeHart.

Thank you very much,

Mrs. Earl Rager
427 Polk St.
Chillicothe, MO 64601

[Dear Editor,]
My wife's great-grandfather, Chamblus Tate, and his family were living in Floyd County, Virginia in the 1840 and 1850 census - moving on to East Tennessee about 1855. Who were his father and mother? I have some evidence that the Charles S. Tate who married Elizabeth Sowers (on Dec. 21, 1835,. in Floyd Co.) and Chamblus Tate are one and the same. Are they? If anyone has information on the Tate and Sowers families before 1860, I would appreciate hearing from them.

Archer M. Blevins
PO Box 1261
Johnson City, TN 37605