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Genealogy - April, 1986

Issue: April, 1986

[Dear Editor;]
I deeply appreciate hearing from so many of you who responded to my request for DeHart family information. I beg you to understand that the illness and death of my mother totally disrupted my efforts to correspond with them and exchange information. Knowing how kind and considerate our beloved southern people are, I hope you will all contact me again.

Thanking you from the depths of my heart for your understanding, I remain

Sincerely yours,

John A. Stegall
HC 70, Box 475
Sandy Hook, KY 41171

Dear Mountain Laurel,
When I visited my sister for Christmas, my sister bought the Mountain Laurel paper - her first edition during the Christmas Holidays. We enjoyed it very much. She had heard about the paper through T.V. My husband was raised at Stuart, VA and his brother, Paul Walker lives near Stuart.

Will you please put in genealogy on our ancestors?

Our grandfather, Wythe Melvin was born in Pulaski County or nearby. We have been wondering if he had brothers or sisters. He married a Sarah or Elizabeth Gibbs of Pulaski. Both were born around 1850 or 1860. Does anyone have Gibbs or Melvin family history books? Any help will be greatly appreciated and all replies will be answered soon.

Mrs. Inez Waller
59 Covington St.
Asheville, NC 28806

[Dear Editor;]
I am searching for information on my great, great grandmother, Lucy Amburn Shockley who was born December 15, 1842 and lived in the Carroll County, VA area. From family tradition, I am told that she was part Indian and was raised by someone other than her parents. I do know that she was first married to someone by the last name of Weddle. Then she married Sidney Shockley (born 1850). They had a daughter Mary Etta Shockley who later married John Clayborn Harris. I would appreciate any information.

Tessa Gillespie
1245 W. 37th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

[Dear Editor;]
We are interested in any family records of the Hilton-Hylton and Mabry-Maberry family. Would like to correspond with some descendants of these lines.

Thank you,

Hatcher & Alta King
Rt. 1, Box 163
Spout Spring, VA 24593

[Dear Editor;]
I would like to hear from persons interested in a second printing of my book, "Across The Blue Ridge". It is a story of the frontier at the foot of the Blue Ridge and those brave people who were first in the Old Country, then settled in MD, PA, or another part of VA before settling in the western boundaries. 100's of families are named but each of the following families has a section devoted to it: Cannady, Day, Greer, Jones, Martin, Robertson, Shively, Sigmon, Staton, Strong, Sumpter, Taylor & Underwood. The book is hardbound, over 250 pages, old photographs. Price is $36.50 postpaid. Anyone interested should send $10.00 deposit which will be held in Redding Publication Acct. Until book is re-printed, at which time balance is due. 35 is the minimum necessary for reprint. In case there are not 35 buyers, the deposit will be returned.

I am in process of writing my 3rd book, but am willing to take time out to get this second edition of "Across The Blue Ridge" to the printers and then mailed to purchasers. I don't like knowing there are "cousins" out there wanting our published ancestry which I so diligently researched. We have ancestors of whom we can be very proud.

Billie Redding Lewis
1104 Voncile St.
Lake Wells, FL 33853

[Dear Editor;]
I am seeking info. on Billips, Bowman and Wright families of NC and VA. Jamison Richard Billips married Nancy Wright (1814) daughter of Hezehiah and Rebecca Harman Wright. Christina Owens married Daniel P. Bowman (1829). Would like to find their parents and any ancestors or any descendants of these families. Will gladly exchange information as I have quite a lot on Billips (although I can't be sure of Jameson Richard Billips parents). I am told somewhere along the line we are descended from Cherokee Indians.

Sarah Jane McBride
Rt. 1, Box 430
Bluefield, VA 24605

[Dear Editor;]
I would like to know if there are any Tuggle Genealogy books for sale or if anyone is working on one. Thank you.

Edward M. Tuggle
222 Glenn Ave.
King, NC 27021