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Genealogy - August, 1983

Issue: August, 1983

[Dear Editor,]

Seeking information on Jesse R. Edwards, born 1790, son of David and Lucy (Weathers) Edwards, who married (Kiziah?) Elizabeth Cunningham, 17 November 1817, Wilkes County, NC, daughter of John 1747 and #2 wife, Kiaiah (Chandler?), Wilkes County, NC will be happy to share information.

Mrs. A.E. Van Os
P.O. Box 416
Yalaha, FL 32797

[Dear Editor,]

I am compiling Boyd Family of Patrick County information and would like to correspond with others seeking to exchange information.

Mrs. Ella H. Boyd
Route 2, Box 259
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120

[Dear Editor,]

Request any information on Abraham Hawks who settled near Elks Spur of Carroll County, VA. in the latter half of the 1700’s. His second wife was Elizabeth Payne. Where was he from? Who were his parents and his first wife? Also wanted, information on Timothy Spencer and wife, Mary, where were they from, who was Mary and who were their parents? Was William, James and Samuel their sons? William was an ancestor of mine. Any help appreciated and postage refunded.

Fannie S. Hurst
Rt. 2, Box 172
Cana, Va. 24317