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The Ghost of Mountain View

By Ivalien Hylton Belcher © 1983

Issue: October, 1983

When I was a little girl, I remember an old mountain home in the field below Mountain View Methodist Church. It was the homeplace of Jeff and Susan Hylton. One of the rooms was very large, big enough for two rooms. My grandmother told me that at one time, Mr. Hylton ran a post office in one of the back rooms.

There was a real old lady who lived there with the Hyltons for years. I always thought her name was so unusual, everyone called her “Miss Pot.”

My grandfather and grandma (Herman and Nannie Hall) lived there when my mother (Gracie Hylton) was small. Many things happened there in the house that could never be explained. Grandma said there was the rattling of chains on the porch, sounds of something falling down the steps (this happened mostly the same time at night), but I think the most unusual thing was when my great-grandfather Hall came to visit at the house. When he would go out the door, there was a feeling of spider webs on his face and he had difficulty breathing.

Everything is gone now and only a big meadow of grass is there. I wonder when I drive by there if there are still strange noises of the past. The history of this old house has always fascinated me.

Editor’s Note: Anyone out there know anymore about this house? We’d love to hear it.