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The Tale of the Circuit Riding Preacher March, 1987 Written by Jerry L. Crain
War Garden March, 1987 Written by Conway Smith
Quicker With Age April, 1987 Written by W. Bruce Wright
The Barnyard Election April, 1987 Written by Angela M. Williams
The Lumbago Machine May, 1987 Written by Mel Tharp
The Intruder - "Possum Storm" June, 1987 Written by Deidre M. Thigpen
A Truly So Story - Old Doc Romans September, 1987 Written by Edith T. Medley
The Honey Converter September, 1987 Written by Mel Tharp
The Message January, 1988 Written by Edith T. Medley
A Path To Revenge October, 1988 Written by Marlys Bradley Huffman
The Baptism Of Uncle Rich Wells November, 1988 Written by Tony Hayes
The Smoking Ghost June, 1990 Written by Mel Tharp
High Technology August, 1990 Written by John Winfield Spangler
Summer of '49 August, 1990 Written by Dave Casper
A Slick in the Country March, 1991 Written by James V. Burchill
How Not To Bury A Dead Horse March, 1991 Written by Ernest F. Reynolds
Quick Thinking Carson March, 1991 Written by Mel Tharp
June Shelor's Fried Apple Pies April, 1991 Written by Bob Heafner
How To Cook Possum May, 1991 Written by Bob Heafner
Mountain Humor June, 1992 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Pigs Are Pretty Smart June, 1992 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Granddad Weans A Tobacco Bum July, 1992 Written by Mel Tharp
Gray Mare Causes Religious Conversion July, 1992 Written by Clayton Davis
How to Get a Good Nights Sleep February, 2015 Written by Vickie Griffin

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