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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Mayberry Mishap

By Addie J. Wood © 1985

Issue: August, 1985

Editor’s Note: Mayberry, Virginia is located 2.8 miles south of Meadows of Dan, Virginia and 4.3 miles south of Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Not much is left of the once thriving community but the memories will live forever.

One day in June…

People were passing through Mayberry Trading Post in a normal way, chatting and asking questions concerning the history of Mayberry, Virginia. One real friendly fellow from South Carolina bought a drink and maps and we had a nice chat concerning the country life before he wished me a nice day and left.

He came back in after a few minutes and I could see from the expression on his face that something was wrong. Then he kind of sheepishly asked for the use of a flashlight and laughed.

I asked if he was having car trouble.

"I played stupid", he said, "and went in the outhouse with my car keys in my hand and dropped them down the hole. I don't have any more with me or at home. Just have the one key."

I asked him if he knew how to use post hole diggers and he said he did, but they wouldn't work. He said he had spotted them and came up with the idea of using a wire with a hook on it. I gave him a piece of wire and in a few minutes, he had the keys.

Back inside, he met a man from Camden, South Carolina and they had a good laugh after he said he had to get them by hook or go down the hole.

"I promise myself", he said, "I will have more keys made at the first place that makes keys."

I told him about Parkway Car Care Center three miles out the road, and before he left, he bought a T-shirt with the old Mayberry Post Mark on it.

If you happen to see a real friendly fellow name of Ted Garner, from Greenville, South Carolina, don't be surprised at the big grin on his face if you mention car keys.