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Mountain Memories

Mountain Memories features the stories of hundreds of Blue Ridge and Appalachian old timers. Their stories offer a glimpse of the mountains of yesteryear. Many of the stories were written by people over the age of sixty and some by people over the age of ninety. The Mountain Memories section of The Mountain Laurel offers a link to a bygone era and a way of life that was unique to the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains of the early twentieth century.

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Title Created Date Author
The John Hayes Hollow - Reminiscing July, 1987 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
The Threshing Ring July, 1987 Written by Norma G. Cole
Turn Right Before You Get To The Church July, 1987 Written by W. Bruce Wright
Hard Times August, 1987 Written by Yvonne M. Cole
A Trip Back To My First School September, 1987 Written by Wayne Banks
Market's Child September, 1987 Written by Sue Collins
My Most Memorable Lunch September, 1987 Written by W. Bruce Wright
My Life October, 1987 Written by Mary Etta Stanley
Tales My Father Told Me October, 1987 Written by Lois S. Poff
Clever and Convincing November, 1987 Written by John Hassell Yeatts
Love and Service In The Appalachians November, 1987 Written by Nancy E. Willis
Old Time Prayer Meeting November, 1987 Written by Yvonne M. Cole
Oscar and Clayton Boyd - Down On Old MacDonald's Farm November, 1987 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
They Waited Anxiously November, 1987 Written by Jeffrey Rowan Lockhart
This Is My Life November, 1987 Written by Fay Yates
Wishin': A Thanksgiving Memory November, 1987 Written by Sandra Vail
Our First Fifty Years December, 1987 Written by Ethel Vass
The County Chain-Gang December, 1987 Written by Philip T. Perdue
The Hatcher Place December, 1987 Written by Nancy B. Collins
A Country Boy January, 1988 Written by J. E. Hatcher
Asleep At The Reins January, 1988 Written by Jeffrey Rowan Lockhart and Michelle Emerson Lockhart
Games January, 1988 Written by Allie Mae Reed
Growing Up Memories January, 1988 Written by Mary Hylton Carney
Heading For The Hills: A City Girl Goes Home January, 1988 Written by Leah Fortson
Hobart Willard January, 1988 Written by Imogene Turman
Honeymoon: Virginia 1935 January, 1988 Written by Paula A. Kerns
The Bibb's Place January, 1988 Written by Edith B. Albertson
Barney and Martha Thompson April, 1988 Written by Imogene Turman
My Floyd County Roots April, 1988 Written by Gail Sutphin
Growing Up In The Country April, 1988 Written by Rachel Poff