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Growing Up On Tuggles Creek - Christmas Tree

By YKW © 1983

Issue: December, 1983

I can remember one Christmas when it was decided to have the Christmas celebration at the old Meadows of Dan Missionary Baptist Church. Some men had gone out and found a big white pine that would just go in the amen corner of the church. It reached all the way to the high ceiling.

There were packages tied all over the tree and all wrapped in either green or red crepe paper. Christmas paper like we have today was unheard of in those days.

There were no electric lights, of course, but there were lots of tiny lighted red candles, in little tin candle holders, stuck all over the big tree. Even to this day, I marvel that they didn’t set the tree on fire and burn down the whole church.

I don’t remember what I got off the tree but it was probably an orange, some dried raisins and a package of handkerchiefs, all of which seemed to go with Christmas back then.