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I Had a Dream Last Night

Vickie Brown GriffinVickie Brown GriffinBy Vickie Brown Griffin © 2015

Online: March, 2015

I had a dream last night, a very familiar dream.

I dreamed of a long winding dirt road, an old fashioned pink rose bush that covered the bank. I dreamed I could smell the sweet honeysuckle, the marigolds, touch-me-nots, and black-eyed susies.

I dreamed I was walking in a freshly plowed field, barefoot as usual, I can just see the red dirt between my toes; I can hear my Daddy saying, "gee" and "haw" to the stubborn mule.
And then I dream of cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, green beans, Georgia Red sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe and watermelon.

I dreamed of that old two-story home, where in the winter time you could see your breath as you breathed, heating water that you got out of your well, that old outhouse that was too far in the winter time, and way too close during the summer time.

The Brown FamilyThe Brown Family of Dahlonega, Georgia.I dreamed I was brushing my Mama's long locks of hair, and putting rubbing alcohol on my tired Daddy's legs. Yes I have a very familiar dream, where all of us Browns, truly made our living by the sweat of our face. A place where time seemed to stand still while I was gathering lightening bugs, tadpoles, crawdads and cray fish and jumping in creeks and branches and swinging on muscadine vines.

The BrownsThe BrownsI dreamed I was a little girl and it was 1968, oh I had a dream last night, I was back home in that old iron feather bed with covers stacked so high, I could hardly move once I was in bed. Yes I had a dream last night, oh if only I could go back just for a little while, I would tell that little freckled face ten year old that these are the best days of your life.

Oh yes I had a dream last night, sometimes I just don't want to awake, let me sleep just a little longer and smell the honeysuckle, green grass, red dirt, and Mama's beans a cooking, oh I had a dream last night and what a lovely dream it was.