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Growing Up On Tuggles Creek - Falling Branch Campground

By YKW © 1985

Issue: March, 1985

A short distance from Lover's Leap, going toward Stuart [Virginia] there was once a favorite campground below a little stream called "Falling Branch" on the old road before US 58 was built. Here one might see as many as 10 to 12 wagons parked about sundown on a week day. These were the wagons that were hauling freight, food, fertilizers and various hardware articles from Stuart to Meadows of Dan, or there abouts.

If the drivers were alert enough and started out early enough, they could get up their load, start on the road back and just about make it to Falling Branch before dark. There they could feed and water their teems and get very handy water for their coffee pots. Maybe they would play "Set-back" by lantern light or just sit around a big fire and tell some mighty big and bawdy stories.