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My Grandparents Wedding

By Ivalien Hylton Belcher © 1983-2012

Issue: June, 1983

mr mrs herman hallMr. and Mrs. Herman Hall, (Nanny Wood Hall) pictured at their 50th wedding Anniversary.My grandpa, Herman Hall and my grandma, Nanny Wood Hall, met in a very interesting way. They met at an “Apron Party.” All the girls would bring an apron, un-hemmed, and the boys would hem them. Some of the stitches would be two or three inches long!

Grandpa and Grandma courted two years and were married July 2, 1914, on a Thursday. They went to his parents’ home for supper, which consisted of chicken and dumplings, vegetables, homemade breads and cake.

That night there was a big serenade. The old Ballard Band was there. Some of the men carried Grandpa around on a rail (A split rail such as the ones made into fences) and the ladies carried Grandma in a washing tub. Some of the people were ringing cow bells too.

Grandpa passed away seven years ago. Grandma still lives on the Mountain View Road (in Patrick County, Virginia). She is 89 years old and very active.