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Mountain People

Mountain people are noted for their hard work ethic and their ingenuity. In the Mountain People section of The Mountain Laurel you will meet some of these remarkable people. Some were early mission school teachers, some were farmers and some were just good people but each had a story to tell. We think you will enjoy their stories.

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Title Created Date Author
Whistling Ed - An excerpt from, Memories Unraveled August, 1991 Written by Pat Hadley Davis
The Hays Family of Chatham Hill September, 1991 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Happy Birthday Miss Addie November, 1991 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
A Conversation With Elbert Childress June, 1992 Written by Scott Allan Jacobs
Lieutenant Isaac Webb, CSA July, 1992 Written by Archie L. Goad
Musser's Orchard July, 1992 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
The Inventor December, 1995 Written by Jack Lowe
A Virginia Lady March, 1996 Written by J. Carlton Smith
The Saga of Ansel Culler June, 1996 Written by Peronneau Mitchell
The Mountaineer January, 2015 Written by Wayne Easter
TV Repair, Once Upon a Time February, 2015 Written by Wayne Easter
Charlotte Dawn Heafner - A Legacy of Mountain Lore September, 2015 Written by Bob Heafner

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