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Good Neighbors - The Carroll News

By Bob Heafner © 1983-2012

Issue: November, 1983

Back in March of this year, when The Mountain Laurel was just getting started, one of our neighbors reached out a helping hand. We were the “new kid on the block” and the folks at the Carroll News in Hillsville, Virginia made us feel welcome. I’ll never forget the day we met Linda Stanley at Mayberry Trading Post. Linda is the News Editor of The Carroll News and we were being interviewed for a feature story. We each had on our heavy coats and we hiked to the corner rock on Hurricane Hill where the counties of Patrick, Carroll and Floyd all meet. We discussed our dreams for The Mountain Laurel and Linda gave us pointers and inspiration.

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the office of The Carroll News and while there, I gained a new insight into the workings of a small town weekly newspaper. Mrs. Ina Horton is the Editor and General Manager and it is apparent that she, like Linda and the rest of the staff, is dedicated to keeping in touch with their community.

While we hear of scoops and investigative reporting in large daily newspapers, rarely do we hear of the accomplishments of the many weekly newspapers scattered across America. Yet, weekly newspapers are a diary of each community and there is still good news in The Carroll News. Everything is not positive, of course, but in the latest edition, page 2 lists the weddings that are upcoming and page 3 has a delicious sounding recipe for Chocolate Torte.

The Carroll News has monitored the pulse of Hillsville, Virginia and surrounding Carroll County for over 63 years and the service it provides to its community is noteworthy indeed. Not only is there information about upcoming weddings and recipes but each week the staff covers their county with an informative coverage of the things folks need to know. With a staff of only four full-time and two part-time employees, it’s nothing short of amazing how they can do it all.

The Carroll News is a country newspaper that provides its community with an in-depth look at all local news. Whether it be weddings, births, deaths or local protests over increased electric rates, Mrs. Horton’s dedication to her county is readily apparent and Carroll County, Virginia is fortunate to have such a publication and staff in its midst. More important than their dedication to providing their readers with local news, however, is the fact that they are old fashioned good neighbors. People who reach out to help other people whenever they can.

We at The Mountain Laurel are proud to be neighbors with such folks as these here in “The Heart of the Blue Ridge.”

If you would like to subscribe to The Carroll News, send $10.50 per year [1983] if you live in Carroll or surrounding counties or $14.00 elsewhere, to: The Carroll News, PO Box 487, Hillsville, Virginia 24343. They’re nice folks and their sincere pride and love for this area is obvious to all who meet them.

Our special personal thanks go to everyone at The Carroll News for being such good neighbors and making us feel so welcome.