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Closing Time

By Bob Heafner © 1985

Issue: October, 1985

The Craft House, Meadows of Dan, Virginia.The Craft House, Meadows of Dan, Virginia.Twenty-one years ago Virginia Yeatts plunged into a daring venture in the little mountain community of Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Combining her skill as a weaver and good judgment, she opened the first craft shop in the area. In the beginning she rented the old farm house that is now a red two story landmark and featured hand blown glass and her own hand woven items. Her business savvy was based on a philosophy of quality. Over the years, her reputation as a merchant of quality hand stitched quilts, porcelain dolls and other fine works spread far and wide.

Once she pointed out to me the difference between good and excellent quilt needlework. Her appreciation of the quilter's art was apparent and her shop always reflected her personal standards of taste and excellence.

This year, as the leaves perform their annual display of beautiful colors, Virginia will be retiring and closing THE CRAFT HOUSE doors for the last time. She and her husband, author John H. Yeatts, are planning on taking life a little easier now for the benefit of their health and enjoyment. It is a rest they both deserve and require, but their presence in the business community will be missed by all. THE CRAFT HOUSE has always been an asset to the area and a delight for traveling shoppers and over the years a stop at THE CRAFT HOUSE has become a tradition for many regular area visitors.

Some of the beautiful quilts offered at The Craft House.Some of the beautiful quilts offered at The Craft House.When asked what she would miss most about operating THE CRAFT HOUSE, Virginia was quick to respond that she would miss all the wonderful friends who stopped by year after year.

Today the little mountain farm community of Meadows of Dan, Virginia is one of the most visited places on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Each year millions of folks from around the world visit the area to enjoy the rural beauty of well kept farms, the quaint charm of places like Mabry Mill and the friendly atmosphere provided by folks like Virginia and John Yeatts.

We look forward to John having more time to write stories about old Mayberry and to Virginia having more time to visit and we would like to say thank you to both of them for setting a standard of quality for our community that has become a lasting tradition.