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Mountain Stories

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The Country Store June, 1985 Written by Bob Heafner
Mayberry Memories - The Last Wolf July, 1985 Written by Coy Lee Yeatts
River Of Earth, An excerpt from July, 1985 Written by James Still
The Dream That Prevented A Train Accident July, 1985 Written by Emily P. Cary
The Frog Who Went To Church July, 1985 Written by Frances T. Craig
Paper Dolls August, 1985 Written by Lois S. Poff
Swimming In Tumbling Creek August, 1985 Written by Mary Joyce Porcelli
The Mountain Man and The Player Piano - Part 1 August, 1985 Written by Robert G. Back
The Mountain Man and The Player Piano - Part 2 September, 1985 Written by Robert G. Back
Tizzie Too - An excerpt from, Old Cold Mountain Tales September, 1985 Written by Maryon Wood Harper
Beware of ‘The Boss’ October, 1985 Written by Mel Tharp
Gathering Memories - Just A Mite Superstitious December, 1985 Written by Lucille Jarrell
Summer At Piney Ridge January, 1986 Written by Frances T. Craig
Wildwood Flower March, 1986 Written by Bonita Murrah Phillips
The Man Who Had Two Tombstones - The Life and Times of Cain Elcana Ash March, 1986 Written by LaVonda S. Harris
The Day Of The Easter Egg Hunt March, 1986 Written by Beulah S. Fox
How Pa Got To Be Head Of His House March, 1986 Written by Taylor Ryan
Making A Name For Yourself April, 1986 Written by David Craig
On Splitting Oak and Loving April, 1986 Written by Shelia Turnage
Ma's Second Calling May, 1986 Written by G. M. Allen
The Preacher's Fried Chicken Dinner May, 1986 Written by Thelma Wagg Smothers
A Sleepwalker's Dream - A True Story August, 1986 Written by Gene Henderson
Springs and Spouts August, 1986 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
The Beauty Of Silent Compassion August, 1986 Written by Robert G. Back
And Dad Said - Lets Buy Our Groceries When We Get There September, 1986 Written by W. Bruce Wright
The String Quilt September, 1986 Written by Norma G. Cole
Generation Found October, 1986 Written by Laddie Fisher
Kaolin Clay October, 1986 Written by LaVonda S. Harris
Bone Stranger November, 1986 Written by Thomas A. Simpkins
Early Childhood Memories November, 1986 Written by Woodrow Golding

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