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Old Meadows of Dan School

 By Addie J. Wood © 1984

Issue: January, 1984

This photograph is of the old Meadows of Dan School and it was taken around 1910 or 1911, according to Addie Wood.. She is the first little girl standing on the left on the front row. Miss Addie named the people is this photograph as follows:

(First row) Addie Wood, Roy Pendleton, Troy Pendleton, Lawrence Cox, Matt Burnett, Wayne Blackard, Clendon Reynolds, Arlie Harris, Marvin Hylton, Clyde Wood, James Shockley, Eugene Shockley, Mabel Shockley.

(Second row) Inie Reynolds, Hannah Shelor, Irene DeHart, Eunice Burnett, Mary Burnett, Myrtle Harris, Tom Harris, Hubbard Shockley, Jesse Reynolds, Gladys Reynolds, Bertie Shelor, Irma Shelor, Madie Scott, Callie Hylton.

(Third row) Carson Sparley, Claude Shockley, ?, ?, Harvey Knowles, Ernest Wood, Johney Shelor, Jesse Shelor, Winnie Hylton, Eva Shockley, Elisha Burnett, Ella Shelor, Doris Scott, Stella Shelor, Clarice Blackard, Langhorne DeHart, John West - teacher. (In window) Alpha Sparley.

(Fourth row) Albert Wood, Webster Scott - teacher, Myrtle Shelor, Lorna Blackard, Ida Harris, Agnes Lawson, Lilly Wood, Ocie Bowling - teacher, Callie Scott, Georgie Wood, Tresa Shockley. Cleotis Light is boy standing in back. He was from below the mountain but went to school here. It's said most of the girls were sweet on him.

This photograph was sent to us by YKW. He is in this picture. Bet you could never guess which one he is. If you have roots in Meadows of Dan the chances are you will spot a relative in this photograph. Happy hunting.